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This reminds me of college my crush. I was almost there, it started as a crush when I saw her for the first time. I met her last year, we were in 3rd year college.. We were both studying at DLSU, I took up Business course.. and her.. She's from the Computer Studies Dept... I mean Information Systems student. Cool and hot right? I met her through a leadership talk. Then later on, I found out that we had common friends too. I asked this closest friend of mine (who was also heidelle's friend) for her number. But he told me that this girl doesn't want her number to be given to strangers. Oh c'mon! I'm not a stranger! Screw you Enzo, lol jk buddy! Hahaha. Yea, so he didn't give the number.. Luckily, a week after I saw her again. This time, I was more lucky. It was around 7 in the evening when I saw her together with her friends, but she was on a different direction-----library. I was with my "ka-tropa barkada" from Innersoul that time too (we had a rehearsal, endud up before 7) They told me to approach her, repeatedly telling me "Man! lapitan mo na! minsan lang mangyari yan. Go Dude!" "Use your pogi points!!" That was my chance so I did. To cut this short, we became very good friends. Ouch :c YES. JUST FRIENDS because I didn't have the guts to tell her. 

She's the ideal woman for me. She has the traits.. beautiful, sweet, kind, respectful, very humble, charming (that's what I call her or sometimes I would call her like heidelle on monday, marie on tuesday, jahnelle on wednesday, vee on thursday, c/see on friday.. weeew! heidelle... whatta a long name xD =))  it annoys her sometimes but god, it makes her even cute and likeable xD i miss Heidelle a lot!!).. to top it all, her inner personality... her being faithful/prayerful to God, her great sense of positive (si miss positive force yan si heids) intelligent and very hard working. and how she can manage to act with full sense of humor. I miss our conversations, with her, I am not bored because she's really fun to talk with. Whenever I share something to her, the conversation gets even more interesting. It's funny how I can keep long conversations now while in fact, I was not good at this before. The times xD  I could not ask for more for this ideal smart chic, everything about her made me fell for her instantly.. That's why a lot of guys admire her. Only that she doesn't know.. I even remember my two other classmates who also had a crush on her. Long story, but there.. in the end, I was not able to tell my true feelings for her.. Our family migrated here in Tennesse for some business reasons.. it sucks having this kind of feeling full of regrets! sorry fellas for this long message.. it's just that. It's been a year and I miss this charming lady

She's just way too different from any other girls out there. Every guy would find it challenging and interesting that this girl has not been into a relationship ever since simply because she would opt to focus on her studies. , god she's beautiful inside out.. Lucky guy whoever wins her heart

It was kinda hard to hope because Im not even sure if Heidelle likes me more than just her "best man dude"  I could have confessed this to her when I had the chance to

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